We operate a social enterprise business model that enables businesses, non-profits and government organisations to strengthen their crisis leadership skills through our inspirational keynote speakers, action focused workshops, and challenging boardroom roundtables. 


Learn, Experience, Copy!  

take action

We specialise in delivering crisis leadership workshops; ideal for your next conference, professional development day or staff retreat! The workshops are individually tailored, fun, inclusive, respectful, challenging and interactive. People of all ages leave with a greater ability to deal with any crisis and make an impact on the world!  

Get inspired

Sharing our inspirational story is one of the things we do best! From Christchurch, to Japan, to New York or Saudi Arabia... members of our teams have seen and done incredible things in their young lifetimes. Our speakers talk vulnerably, openly and honestly. There's the glossy time with the Royals.. through to the tears, heartbreak, egos, hard learned lessons, broken promises and hysterical situations. 

Our work is centered on our values and the only reason we are still here today is our commitment to reflecting on our past, building strong teams and always dreaming big. 



You can check out the UC Student Volunteer Army's volunteer opportunities on their Facebook Page

If you are visiting Christchurch, and have a larger group who want to help out with Christchurch's rebuild, please email office@volunteerarmy.org and we would be delighted to work with you in designing a specific project (time and resources permitting). 


We are mobilisation gurus. If you need help in a disaster, crisis or tricky situation please reach out. We are always happy to help; either by offering support to effectively structure your mobilisation, transition to the next phase, or facilitate the difficult, sometimes tense, conversations that all groups need to go through. 

Our work in Nepal is the most recent evidence of how effective this approach is. We inspired, gave structure, facilitated relationships, opened doors, raised funds, built capacity and negotiated deals to enable our local partners to become the best group they can be.